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Our products are Digital Drugs delivering sensory stimuli, administrable digitally via mainstream devices, that exert relevant physiological effects in a comparable manner to the standard of care.

These sensory stimuli influence physiology directly involving as little as possible the conscious mind, ensuring the highest beneficial effects for each patient while minimizing side effects.

Ababax' portfolio addresses medical targets with high commercial potential.





Juvenile myopia



Major depression


Anxiety Disorder







Acute and chronic pain



Obesity, metabolic syndrome



Immunological vaccination enhancement

Optimood - the digital way to treat depressive disorders.

Optimood is built from the ground up as a new type of digital intervention, using the latest findings from neuroscience, machine learning, and psychology.
Optimood uses the patented, neurophysiology-based DosePair technology that utilizes visual stimulation to treat depression and anxiety disorders. The innovative DosePair technology strengthens the neural circuits related to positive emotion, helping to overcome the depression-related barriers in evoking positive emotion in everyday life. It differs from the traditional pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy-based options, providing an intervention that is digital, non-invasive, and runs on a standard smartphone.

We target the underlying changes in brain circuits – not just patient symptoms – and use our advanced personalization to optimize treatment for the individual. Further, our product is expandable to multiple indications within and outside neurological disorders.

We performed 7-day pre-clinical trials showing promising efficacy and are now preparing 6-week-clinical trials.

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Dopavision is pioneering the development of digital therapeutics in ophthalmology. Dopavisions lead product is MyopiaX®, a breakthrough technology targeting myopia in children and adolescents, which can be seamlessly and invisibly integrated into the use of a smartphone. It has the potential to become the first digital therapy to control childhood myopia, leveraging Dopavisions patented, light-based technology that stimulates specific photosensitive cells in the retina.

Myopia, or shortsightedness, is a visual condition that affects on average every third person globally, a share that has increased rapidly during the last two decades. It has grown to alarming proportions in Asia where prevalence rates, e.g. in Singapore, have reached 80% among young adults. High childhood myopia imposes a significant risk to cause visual impairment and even blindness later in life. Dopavision´s goal is to develop a clinically validated therapy to halt myopia progression in children and adolescents.
Founded in 2017 by Hamed Bahmani, Dopavision has so far raised €14.7 million in private equity and public grants and is backed by top-tier international investors such as Seventure Partners, Novartis Pharma and Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund.

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