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Ababax Health

Located in the heart of Berlin, Ababax unites a team of multidisciplinary scientists and experts working at the intersection of scientific research and software development.

The utmost focus of anything we do is to positively impact the patients’ health journey. Four departments closely collaborate within our team: The discovery team explores how scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary technologies can combine to add value for patients worldwide. Our applied scientists conduct clinical trials and prove the efficacy of new Digital Drugs. Based on this scientific evidence and under strict regulations, our dev team develops innovative Software-as-a-Drug solutions. Finally, operational management ensures an efficient workflow.

Dr. Markus Müschenich, MPH

Managing Partner

Fabian Queisner

Managing Director

Caroline Kerßenfischer


Hanni Kiiski

Science Manager

Victor Hernandez-Urbina

Machine Learning Scientist

Katharina Friedrich

Senior Scientist

Liam Doherty

Research Scientist

Moana Beyer

Junior Scientist

Matheus Zacharska

Game Design

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We are part of Eternity.Health, a European life science technology holding.

Our founders, Dr. Markus Müschenich and Christian Lautner, launched the world’s first prescribable, fully-digital treatment for amblyopia reimbursed by public health insurance in 2014. They paved the way for Digital Drugs. Müschenich and Lautner’s goal throughout has been to leverage the strengths of science, practical medicine, and entrepreneurship.



A home for pioneers and leaders, Eternity.Health unites the new health industry’s leading companies under one roof. Over the past ten years, the holding addressed the determinants of health and innovations that drive relevant healthcare improvements. Alongside Ababax, the holding portfolio includes the consulting company and think tank, Flying Health, and the €100 million venture capital fund, Heal Capital.

Sana Hospital Group

Ababax’s lead investor is the Sana Hospital Group. Sana is the third-largest private hospital group in Germany and is owned by the 25 leading German private health insurance companies, including Allianz Insurance Group, DKV and Signal Iduna. It is an integrated healthcare delivery system with 54 hospitals and over 34.300 employees, serving more than 2.2 million patients annually.